Sunday, November 29, 2009

Laura Van frames are here

Along with the Laura Van frames our prism bottles are back in. We sold out of them so fast because they are such an incredible price. They look so cool mixed in with all the Christmas decorations at shop #2.

Laura put these barb wire hearts on some of the frames.... which give them a whole new dimension.

We also got in a box from Laura. All the wonderful detail makes this so irrestible..

A photo can be placed on the top.

More prism bottles. I put snow inside the bottles and it gave them such a neat look.
We made it through the beginning of Glitter nights. It looks so beautiful in downtown Glendale. I hope everyone can get a chance to stop and admire the lights in Murphy park and then come see us at the Cottage Garden.

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  1. Fabulous.. fun.. and fantastic shop!!! I think i may be needing one of those prism bottles!!!!

    Thanks for your interest!!!