Monday, November 2, 2009

Lisa's New Goodies and Fun at the Flea Market

We've been waiting and waiting for Lisa's fun and funky jewelry to arrive. Here it is. She took old hotel keys and imposed a bird picture on them. Her typewriter key pendants have been a staple at the shop for awhile and more of those came too. They are actually from old typewriters.

Her Mother Madonna pendant is new for us too. They are so beautiful with French writing behind the picture.

Her bullet casing pendants yes from guns,have been a hit with us in the past. Well they are back and as "stinking cute" as ever. (A term Lisa likes to say alot). Who would have ever thought to use those.

Pauline and I got up at the crack of dawn on Sunday to attend a flea market in central Phoenix. Here is her haul piled in front of her house. Just too much fun !! Her prized find was a wood carved settee with wild pink stripped fabric. We immediately placed at the foot of her bed. And it fit perfect.

Making one of our many trips back to the car with all our goodies.

It was a beautiful morning for a flea market once the sun came up. When we got there at 6:30am it was still dark and the vendors were still setting up.

Pauline looked so great in this old cowboy hat but alas she passed it up. But that was OK because there were many other treasures waiting to be scooped up.

Here she is wheeling and dealing. I ended up with this wonderful triple mirror for a steal. You will see it at Cottage Garden II among all the jewelry.

Don't you just love these leopard shoes. We hit the motherload at this booth with a huge pile of vintage dresses, shoes, purses, and furs. Score !!!!!!!
Our manequins at the shop are now clothed with our new finds.

Another trip to the car with more treasures. And then home we went.
The Christmas fairies had so much fun on Sunday but now it is back to the task at hand of decorating and creating our Christmas wonderland at the shops. If you peek in the window you just might see us waving our wands and presto there's another vignette.

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