Sunday, November 29, 2009

Laura Van frames are here

Along with the Laura Van frames our prism bottles are back in. We sold out of them so fast because they are such an incredible price. They look so cool mixed in with all the Christmas decorations at shop #2.

Laura put these barb wire hearts on some of the frames.... which give them a whole new dimension.

We also got in a box from Laura. All the wonderful detail makes this so irrestible..

A photo can be placed on the top.

More prism bottles. I put snow inside the bottles and it gave them such a neat look.
We made it through the beginning of Glitter nights. It looks so beautiful in downtown Glendale. I hope everyone can get a chance to stop and admire the lights in Murphy park and then come see us at the Cottage Garden.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Becky's jewelry!!

We finally got a box from Becky from Idaho filled with all the beautiful broken china jewelry that we have all come to love..........
One of our Becky junkies was waiting at the door this morning because she got wind that a box had arrived. She had so much fun picking out some pieces that I didn't get a chance to snap some pictures of them before she was on her way home with her new treasures.......

These are her ever favorite heart pendants.

Something new is her skinny cross pendants. They are too precious.
We love her bird pendants all embellished with vintage rhinestone jewlery pieces.

One of my personal favorite is this bird pendant, with the bauble hanging off to the side. I will not take for my own but I will give my customers first dibs on it! But it is wonderful.

This bird pendant will go great with the browns and rusts.

The French flower shadowbox with a pearl necklace is so sweet.
I wanted to wish all of you and your families a Happy Thanksgiving from the Cottage Garden families.
Don't forget Glitter Nights start in Downtown Glendale this coming Friday, November 27, we will be open Friday and Saturday nights till the weekend before Christmas until 9pm or when the last customer leaves.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Christmas At #2 shop

Can't let #1 shop have all the credit for Christmas so I am now including pictures from #2 shop. It was done in all creams, silver and a splash of black. Very elegant yet whimsical.......

The black glittery pinecones are so great to lay around on a table. We put them in a little metal tray with a battery pillar candle.

The Wendy Addison german glitter glass bird is so beautiful, she is a real hit with her ornaments.

The battery pillar candles are much safer than the real thing and give off a great ambiance.....

These miniature chandliers are so Frenchy.

A bowl of pink Santas.

Wonderful silver glittery trees create a sweet little vignette.

Rhinestone words are oh so girly....

Wendy Addison angel isn't she wonderful and the only one left..

Something fun is our chenille trees that come in three different sizes.

And of course our Eifel tower ornaments for all our French loving gals...

We even have a tree for all the divas out there. Love Love the hot pink velvet ball...

Just give the shop girls a call if you need anything shipped to you.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

More Christmas at the Cottage

Merry Christmas metal tags from one of our favorite companies.

Just arrived the Snow Queen snowman.......

A bucket of snowballs that shimmer...... They also look great poked in trees.

Birch Heart snowmen are the cutest and they all have such sweet sayings and embellishments.

More Birch Heart Snowmen

We again have the Sweet Peas at the shop. They have been very popular and make great gifts.

Metal angels from the same company as the Merry Christmas tags.

The wire bows have just been blowing out of the store. Look great in garlands and trees. They come in red, white and silver. There are large bows and small bows.

Its hard to see but these little letter ornaments have also been very popular.

The snowman and little red bird pokes again from one of our favorite companies.

Hard to see but these little mesh balls fit right onto your string of lights. They are silver in color and again have been very popular.

Metal tree bells and you guessed it from our favorite company.........

Snowman and the most darling wire trees with little silver snowflakes on each branch end nestled under a clouche....
For all my out of town blog readers if you see anything you would like to have sent, just call us at the shop and we can mail it out to you.
We had so much fun decorating the shops and can now just enjoy how enchanting they are.
If you would like to see more pictures from our Christmas Open House and Tea, Ed from Coury House, our local photojournalist, has posted some great pictures from that day, just click here: