Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Becky's jewelry!!

We finally got a box from Becky from Idaho filled with all the beautiful broken china jewelry that we have all come to love..........
One of our Becky junkies was waiting at the door this morning because she got wind that a box had arrived. She had so much fun picking out some pieces that I didn't get a chance to snap some pictures of them before she was on her way home with her new treasures.......

These are her ever favorite heart pendants.

Something new is her skinny cross pendants. They are too precious.
We love her bird pendants all embellished with vintage rhinestone jewlery pieces.

One of my personal favorite is this bird pendant, with the bauble hanging off to the side. I will not take for my own but I will give my customers first dibs on it! But it is wonderful.

This bird pendant will go great with the browns and rusts.

The French flower shadowbox with a pearl necklace is so sweet.
I wanted to wish all of you and your families a Happy Thanksgiving from the Cottage Garden families.
Don't forget Glitter Nights start in Downtown Glendale this coming Friday, November 27, we will be open Friday and Saturday nights till the weekend before Christmas until 9pm or when the last customer leaves.


  1. Something got into me yesterday at the Cottage Garden...."OVEREXCITABILITY"!! Oh my....oh my....did I ever have a severe case of Overexicitability! I just could not resist the beauty of these jewels! I LOVE LOVE these jewels and my jewelry box is sooooo very happy that I have added some new beauties to the box....hmmmmm I think I will be needing a bigger jewelry box...heee..heeee. Which brings to mind,can I have a jewelry box too made by Becky...pretty please. Is that a "Yes"? Oh, THANK YOU! Liz B.

  2. Beautiful work! Compliments from another broken china jewelry designer. These are really lovely.