Thursday, November 5, 2009

Sneak Peek

The mantel at Cottage Garden II is so sparkly with Wendy Addison glitter.

Of course what's a girly shop without a diva tree! The hot pink ornaments are so cute.
The German glitter glass ornaments are such a special touch to the Christmas corner.

I am determined to get that garland to stay up there.

At shop #1 it is filled with all the traditional colors of Christmas.

And of course bird ornaments are everywhere. They are always a best seller.
When I took this picture this tree wasn't quite finished. You should see it now.

Another unfinished tree, but now it is beautiful. It is a very elegant religious tree. With all of these beautiful hues of gold.

A snowman got caught in a birdcage.

Just a few pictures to show you how the Christmas fairies are doing with getting the shops ready for Christmas Open House next Friday November 13th. Come and enjoy, we will be open from 6:00pm to ? have some munchies and a glass of wine. See you then........... Carol

1 comment:

  1. Im so excited to come frolic around your shop!
    I will definitley bring some of the girls with me!
    xox ruby