Thursday, December 3, 2009

At It Again!

Pauline and I went to check out some garden furniture. All this made it into my car.

This adorable garden furniture is from the turn of the century. Can't you just see the Victorian ladies sitting in their hat and gloves sipping tea and eatting cookies. It is now for sale at the Cottage Garden II...........

It is not your run of the mill flimsy garden furniture it is very heavy cast iron....
This table was also part of our find. It is so ornate and just plain cool.

This iron planter took two of us to get it to its spot on the porch. Pauline and I are both lusting over this. I bought poinsetteas today and they are now in there instead of the tree. Come and enjoy a look see at our new vignette on the front porch.
No more Christmas pictures right now but coming soon pics from my house and Paulines. We are busy decorating them, or at least Pauline is busy decorating hers. I'm a little decorated out right now so mine won't be done as quickly.

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