Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Our California Getaway

We are on our way to the La Maison Barn sale. Our GPS took us over about 15 miles of dirt roads. It got us there but it was sure slow moving. The hills and valleys were beautiful. It is Temecula (wine country).

We finally arrived at the barn. There were so many fun things to look at. The girls showing at the sale were very creative in their displaying.

We met Christie Repsay and her wonderful works of art. They are now at the Cottage Garden. I picked the bird prints and are they so cute.

We then went off to Riverside to drop in on a couple of gals we met when we were in Spokane. They are sisters. One owns a restaurant and just down the way is CeeAnne's lovely shop Miss Tiggy Winkles.

Cee Anne and her right hand man (gal).

I love taking pictures of flowers since ours are all dried up from our heat. These were outside of a shop in Riverside.
More to follow in the coming days of the rest of our trip.

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