Thursday, August 20, 2009

Fun New Stuff

The birdhouse is at Cottage Garden #1 it was made by some gals in the Pacific Northwest.

There are some great vintage mink coat purses at #2 shop. They are such a great price!

Pauline is modeling our new little black dress aprons. They are some cute.

The bracelets are made of black lucite with blinged out intials. They would be great with some of our thin bangles stacked on the arm.

Our new purses are big and roomy with flowers all over the front. Very tres chic!

I brought back alot of clothing from Liz and Jane, Kleen and Cut Loose. I got a great deal on them so I am passing it on to you. They are one of this and one of that. So there is a very limited quantity available.

This a Christie Repasy print that I purchased from her on the trip to California. A few more available at #1 shop.

More clothing! Many pairs of pants, shorts and flood.

I have some great decorator pillows with birds, crown and the Frenchy No.7. The forms will be here soon or you might have your own forms to fill them. They are in all the country decorating magazines. Available in our vintage room at #2 shop. We have just been unpacking all sorts of fun things. Hope I've peaked your interest!

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  1. Love, love, love the green bag with flower. Thanks for the follow-up call. Alana aka Lonnie