Sunday, September 6, 2009

Bedroom Makeover

Hubby and son went off to Magic Mountain this past week and I stayed home and worked on the spare bedroom which was basically a store room after son moved out. It was a blast putting the room together but it is still a work in progress. A few more pieces of furniture, a curtain for french door, and a little more primping. Alot of the things I used came from Cottage Garden and vintage pieces were finds from here and there.

This is a cozy sitting area just needs a comfy chair, but oh the thrill of the hunt it is out there just waiting for me to find it.

When we were in California I found the wonderful green shelf which was hand made by a gentleman, forgot his name. It bareful fit in the car. It is about 6.6 feet long. I was able to load it up with lots of treasures.

The bird silhouette is from the shop. They are so much fun and easy to do.

The wall birdcage is another fun accessory for the wall. And again the wall art words add so much. The picture is from an american artist that we carried in the shop a few years ago. I love her prints but she is no longer in business.

The basket of pink geraniums are tucked in a small wall by the built in drawers and closet. The knobs are still needed to be put on.

Another wall art from the shop.

The wicker suitcase is a great little prop to hold a decopagued suitcase and a sweet little vintage milkglass lamp.

Inside this birdhouse cupboard I tucked little garden treasures.

This cupboard was made by a gal named Lizzie, she is so talented. And it nestled in the corner just perfect.

The little table was tucked in a corner with a topiary, nest and another vintage lamp.

Have to do something about the unsightly cord.

This a Christie Repasy print I got in California and it fit perfectly in a frame that I already had. Yea!

An old bench at the foot of the bed with some more sweet things from the Cottage Garden.

Rocky enjoying the bed. He was very cozy and wouldn't move.

This wonderful gate with basket was at the shop for the longest time and didn't get purchased so off it went to my house and fit perfectly on the wall with a shelf just below.
I will post more pics as I add to the room. Hope it gave you some ideas for when you have the urge to do some decorating. We are always there to help with ideas for you.

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