Sunday, September 20, 2009

Our front yards in Catlin Court

Our witchy woman greets you before you enter into cottage garden II.

An urn planter, some tulling, leaves yanked down from a weeping willow tree and metal pumpkins and you have a great display for in front of the house.

Our Front Porch festival is coming up in a few weeks, October 17th. It is the kick off of our events that will be happening in the next few months. It is just plain fun to come shop, eat and listen to the entertainment on some of the porches.

As I was walking between the shops on Saturday, I had to photograph the ghost children playing ring around the rosie in front of the Country Maiden. Located next door to the Cottage Garden I. It is so much fun to see how everyone has decorated their yards.

Located behind the Country Maiden is Papa Ed's ice cream parlor. This is just a great place to sit and enjoy something cold before continuing on to do more shopping

Linda is waiting for you.

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