Thursday, September 10, 2009

Halloween and Flowers

I finally decorated a little outside today with halloween pumpkin pokes. The morning was pretty nice for awhile.
The roundtop metal pumpkin pokes are so much fun to embellish your garden.

Even an old metal bathtub is just too cute filled with all these roundtop pokes.

We also just got in these adorable mini myrtle topiarys. They are so much fun to nestle here and there.

Wonderful flowers have arrived and I tucked them in a nightstand drawer. They look so real, you have to touch them.

The tulips are a lucious deep rose color. They are just right in this little jar.

Yellow ranouculus just brighten up a halloween display.

Orange ranouculus nestled in a green tin.

The little topiarys all in a row on a shelf above the door.
Everything is now available at the Cottage Garden!

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