Thursday, June 17, 2010

Happy Birthday Heather!

Boy it just seems all we do is party at the Cottage Garden. This time it was to honor Heather who works at CG#2 on Saturdays. It was her birthday and all us Cottage Garden girls took her to her favorite little hideaway restaurant in central Phoenix called Local Breeze.

What a great photo op of us girls. Stuffed with great food........

We just chatted and chatted the evening away....

This is the outside seating at Local Breeze. A great place to just have a glass of wine and good food and chat with some good friends.

The misters were going and it was quite comfortable out there.

Just had to show you the bathrooms. This was a mosaic in the men's bathroom just above the you know what. Very cool .......

The women's bathroom was very tres chic.

The handle in the bathroom stall was a ceramic duck....
If you are ever in central Phoenix visit this fun restaurant at 4th Ave and Fillmore.
We all had a blast at Heather's little get together and we wish Heather a Happy Birthday and many more..........
Tomorrow is our Friday Night Lights. We will be open until 9pm. and are celebrating Glendales 100 birthday. All the participating shop owners will be dressing up as their favorite starlets. Connie and moi will be dressing up as Marilyn Monroe. There is also a car show, vintage fashion show and movies in the park. Hope to see you then!!!!!!


  1. Great picture of the 4 of you, but I am wondering what you were doing in the men's bathroom?

  2. The cottage garden girls never tell their secrets