Friday, June 11, 2010

Gift Ideas for Dad's Day

Dad's Day is just a week away and we have put together a few ideas for dear old Dad at the #1 shop......

This spray and candle is great for anyone with a dog. It has a wonderful smell.

This is a clock from Timeworks neat idea for a desk.

Fun little ledge book that says Here Today and Gone Tomorrow!

We have a fun coasters. This one is so appropriate, don't you think!

The most fun thing for Dad is this clipboard and pen made from old computer motherboards. Wonderful idea for the computer nuts out there....
We also have an array of nuts and bolts animals made in Kentucky. The praying mantis is just so darn cute. And a pen can rest right on his legs.
There are also little journal books that have a motherboard as the cover. Another really cool idea are these little boxes made from old keyboards. Every dad's desk needs one.

Fun Fun things for all the Dads........

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