Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

We have spent our last six new year's day with other members of the car club that hubby belongs too. Each year we all take a drive to the top of South Mountain. The members are part of the Arizona Rotary and Mazda car clubs. The speed limit says 15 mph on curves, yea right!!!!!!

Starting up the mountain.... Lots and lots of curves and a few screams from moi.....

Finally to the top for the spectacular views, and lots of bees........

The yellow RX-7 belongs to Tim, the club president. It is so cute!!!!!

A cactus wren bird joined the group.

And swooped down to take a closer look at hubby's black RX-8, named Bruce. The drive was his payback for all his hard work pitching in during the Christmas season, given his bah humbug nature.

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  1. Happy New Year Carol,

    Car club? Oh my, we do have things in common. Hubs does the Scion thing.

    Have a wonderful New Year.