Friday, January 22, 2010

Boxes Came Next!!!!

After ordering in the showrooms the next thing in the progression of merchandise to the shops is truckloads of boxes. Unfortunately or fortunately when you order at the gift shows you don't realize that merchandise has to come to the shop, get unpacked, priced and displayed in the shops. These are boxes that were ordered in June in Dallas and arrived the day before we were leaving for Atlanta. Our furry children aka the guard dogs watching over the boxes.
Here is items that were unpacked and vignetted at #2 shop. We again have given it a very French vintage inspired look. Quite beautiful if I do say so....

We got in wood panels that look so old. These have beautful roses painted on them. One of our favorite new items.
The majority of the new product ended up at shop #1. The front two rooms are almost all new product. It has a very naturey theme that is so popular right now. Lots of bird pictures, arbors with birds, bird pillows, bird houses, and bird baths......

This metal butterfly bench is wonderful.....
This clock looks old but is new.

Birdbaths, birdhouses and a birdcage lamp all nestled under an arbor. And of course lots of flowers.

We just got in a shipment of new Kelly Rae Roberts prints, along with magnets and bookmarks for all you Kelly Rae collectors. Her new prints are so sweet....
New angel statuary has come in too.

Something we all need in our homes is this new metal sign.... Sorry Martha fans!!!!!!!

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