Friday, April 1, 2011

A Day at the Zoo!

On Wednesday before the big heat up I spent the day at the zoo with daugther Angie and the six grandkidos (yes) you saw right six kids 8 years old and under..... but what a fun day..... Waiting for the zoo to open was the perfect time for a group photo. We have Trent, Trey, Trevin, Taryn and Tanner, and below in the stroller is Taelyn. Yes there names all begin with "T"....Just try calling them, I get so confused.... which isn't hard for me..... and tonguetied.

There were lots of moms and their kids in our group.....

Was busy counting heads once we got into the zoo so didn't get to many opportunities to take pics.... Haven't been to the zoo in years so it was great to see how it had changed. Boy did I need a nap when I got home......

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  1. Oh Carol you have me laughing so hard... when Tina and I take all our G-Kids anywhere it's like turning into Drill Sargeants keeping them all together and remembering all the names! With yours all starting with the letter T it is quite the tongue twister! *smiles* All so cute though and I'm sure you had the best time... was this Wildlife World Zoo or the Phoenix Zoo? Haven't been in years either and The Man and I have been discussing a visit soon with the G-Kids we're raising. Perhaps the Monkey Exhibits could use a coupl more good specimens? *winks*

    Dawn... The Bohemian