Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Ohhhh Sandra!!!!!

We will be having a trunk show (so to speak) on our Girls night out Halloween Party! A new emerging creative diva is in the making and it is our very own Sandra who has worked at #1 shop from time to time. She recently took a sodering class and now the rest is history. Her creative juices started flowing and she is creating these wonderful vintage bottles filled with all kinds of spooky items.... These all happen to be related to Halloween and they will be for sale at her little trunk show on the night of our party! She has been working hard creating and I hope everyone will come and gobble up these wonderful bottles that will complement any Halloween vignette!!!! I know I have my eye on a couple....... and they look great nestled in between Lynne's handmade pumpkins.

This picture is Sandra's inspiration!!!!!! Ours too because it is so vampish!!!! This old gal is just oozing with sultryness....
SO DON'T FORGET TO PUT OCTOBER 15th 6pm-9pm on your calendar for a fun time at The Cottage Garden!

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  1. Hi Carol, the shop is looking great! I need to get back there soon, it's been almost three weeks since I've been there, tragic!! The pic of the lady is frightening to me just as it is, I don't know why but it is. Have a great day!!