Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Ashleys' Jewelry

The summer is winding down and the morning and evenings are finally started to cool down somewhat. The days are still warm and not too unbearable so that means we are getting in new merchandise almost everyday.

Today our local jewelery artist Ashley brought by a basket filled with all her one of a kind handmade jewelry and fabric coursages. She is so truly creative and her work gets better and better.

The cross and religious medals are dangling from a beautiful silver ball rosary.
She handmade this bird pendant. One of my favorite pieces but I am a nut for anything with a bird on it.

This piece has a watch face and inner part of a watch attached to a beautiful necklace.

She hammered a spoon and put a crown and I am spoiled on it and it is attached a pearl necklace. It is what every "princess" needs.....

This angel ring is so darn cute!!!!!!

For all the royalty in the crowd this wonderful crown cuff is to "die for". Very magnifique!!!!!

And we did get more of her adorable fabric coursages. There are some gorgeous ones in the batch.......

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  1. Her jewelry is indeed fabulous, that Crown Cuff... *me swooning*...

    Dawn... The Bohemian