Sunday, May 2, 2010

Great Sidewalk Sale!

Well our sidewalk sale on Saturday was a great success. We had a brillant idea of filling a bag for $15.00 and man oh man did all the gals have a blast doing just that. It is amazing how much craming and shoving into a shopping bag a gal can do. Thanks to all that attended, I had very little left by the end of the day.

Even Linda from Papa Ed's Ice Cream Parlor next to Cottage #1 had to come check out all the oldies but goodies.

Shoppers looking for all those treasures.....

One gal said she hadn't had this much fun in a long time. Glad to have helped her.

Heather and I taking a little break at the end of the hectic day.
Thank you all for coming and helping me clear out alot of good old stuff......
Now theres plenty of room in the back house for all the Christmas product that will start arriving next month..... Yea!!!!!!

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