Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Garden Iron

David from Texas made another stop at the Cottage Garden and brought us more arbors and trellises. We lined the sidewalk leading up to CG2 with all these great finial arbors.
This arbor is nestled in the flower bed at CG1.

While we were placing all the new product in the yard a little dragonfly perched on our new trellis. You just don't see them very often around here..... just had to snap a pic of it...

We also got in these really cool metal birdhouses on a stand of sunflowers.

He is such a cute roadrunner. All out of recycled metal.

This little piggy went to market. Well no this little piggy is at Cottage Garden complete with wings. You know the old saying when pigs fly........
And just behind him is a great recycled metal mushroom. Every garden needs one of them.
Also embellishing the front yard at #1 shop are these really pretty ceramic birdbaths. The birds are already using them....

Trellises with a bed of recycled metal flowers. FUN!!!!!
We also got in metal benches, planters and tables. Just in time to play up the garden before the heat hits...

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  1. all looks soooooo pretty. I love your BLOG!