Thursday, September 6, 2012

Laura Van Beauties!!!!!!

Laura Van has been just working her little heart out creating new frames, boxes and an amazing mirror!!!!!  Yah Laura we absolutely love all your amazing creations!!!!

 This sweet frame has a Wendy Addison german silver glitter glass egg in a nest nestled at the bottom.....
 What a great vignette this would make in your house!!!!!

 Here is an absolutely adorable box with a nest atop it!!!!
Another great vignette of frames of all sizes.....

 Wonderful silver candlesticks just dripping with clear glass beads and prisms.....
 So sweet!!!!!!
And here it is the most amazing piece of all..... this wonderful mirror with a BIG chunky heart in the middle and embellished with metal corners and flowers.....  Did I mention how much we love love love Laura Van...... each piece so unique and one of a kind.....

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  1. Yep... I want it ALL!!! *Winks* LOVE Laura Van's Creations, have never seen one I didn't fall in Love with! The Man had his Surgery and is in ICU since he had a few complications, but each day he's doing better and better Praise God! So I may be off the grid for a while when he comes Home to Recover and Rehabilitate. But I'll be looking forward to Enjoying such Images in the Land of Blog in my absence.

    Dawn... The Bohemian