Sunday, April 22, 2012

Yard Sale Day!

Well we had so many gals brave the heat to make our annual yard sale a big success!!!!! Thank you to all who came out and helped us get rid of many tarnished treasures.... it was a blast in more ways than one to see you all have so much fun picking out the many bargains... We cleaned out the back house and now it is ready to start putting the Christmas stock back there when it starts arriving in a little over a month..... can you believe it!

 There's Monica getting ready for the day.... we had sunscreen, mister bottle to spray each other with cold water and lots and lots of water.... and we put the mindset in our head that it wasn't that HOT!... oh sure!

 10am and people started arriving...

At least the trees in the driveway provided a little shade....

Up next is GIRLS NIGHT OUT! Don't forget May 18th... 5pm - 9pm..... it is sooooo much fun... and we are getting in some great new merchandise.... and wait till you see what we have in mind to do to the front yard at #2..... ahhhhh peaked your curiosity huh!

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