Sunday, November 7, 2010


Our Christmas Open House was last Friday night and it was a wonderful evening. Lots of people came by and ate from goodies (the quiche was being eaten as fast as we could warm it up) all the wine was drank and everyone shopped their little hearts out..... All our hard work was so worth it by the look on everyone's face and the comments we received. Thank you to all who came and made our evening a success.

These new little angels called Gifts from Above are absolutely adorable.....

Darling snowmen. Because moi is such a sucker for snowmen.......

Little birds everywhere!

And of course our line of the metal Roundtop Collection is such a hit.

We were so busy for Christmas open house I didn't get a chance to take photos of the evening..... but I will post more Christmas photos in the coming days. There is lots of new things coming in almost daily. We have some new Cut Loose and Willow clothes in. A bunch of new scarves and some darling hats all at #2 shop.

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