Wednesday, August 4, 2010

San Francisco Buying Trip!

I took Connie and Heather on my buying trip to San Francisco last weekend. Pauline stayed home and held down the fort, thanks Pauline!!!!!
The other girls have not gone on a buying trip with me soooooo this was a whole new experience for them. They kept up with me just fine. Because when I get going I can really move to fit it all in in just a few days.

We were all bright eyed and bushy tailed on our morning flight.......

The girls were so anxious to see me make my first purchase that they needed a photo of it. Really girls!!!!!
We took a day off from the gift show and attended the Alameda Flea Market. What an experience. We got there at 7am and it was foggy and freezing but so much fun. By noon it was sunny and packed wall to wall with people.

Before you knew it our four days were over and the luggage was packed and we were ready to put our luggage in storage and have a few hours of play before the plane home.

We stayed at a brand new hotel and it was absolutely beautiful. Very convenient too since it was right across the street from the Moscone where the gift show was being held......

Every morning I went to get us all coffee at my fav!!!!!!

On our few hours of play the last day we walked down Market Street to the Ferry Building. These gorgeous hollyhooks and pansies where planted in front of an office building.

At the end of Market Street was the clock tower and the Ferry Building, we stopped and ate lunch there in an outdoor cafe. Fish and chips of course!!!

We stood by the bay with the Bay Bridge in the background.....

These old trolleys were running everywhere, we were going to take one but it was just too beautiful so we walked......

And that was our trip a little work and a little play. There will be new things at the shops by the weekend. I am now busy pricing......

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