Tuesday, March 16, 2010

More Spring At the Cottage

As we get closer to the first day of Spring and my favorite time of the year. The grass seems greener, the birds are singing more and the sky is so blue. And before we know it that dreaded 100 degrees is going to be here. But in the meantime Cottage I is just brimming over with lots to brighten up your garden and get ready for that first day of Spring. So let's enjoy why we live in Arizona and feel so sorry for all those that are still shoveling snow. Ahhh.....

Love these mirror garlands to hang in the garden. They reflect the sun and the reflections dance over the ground.

Just got in these funky flowers. The bottoms are rocks so they will go anywhere in the garden.

You can even bring Spring indoors. Garden style decorating is so much the rage......

This little guy is another fun item from the Roundtop Collection!

More things to brighten up the garden!

What a cool butterfly.

And fun kites all made of metal.....


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