Saturday, October 17, 2009

Front Porch Day

Just our luck it had to be more than 10 degrees above normal today but it still turned out to be a wonderful day. Getting ready for the day.

The first customers arriving at #1 shop. Welcome !!!!

Many shoppers milling around deciding what to purchase.

My son Eric and his wife Lee Anne with the girls, Emmi, Ainslee, and little Miss Mollee enjoying the afternoon under the gazebo at #2 shop.

Lori setting up for a trunk show of her wonderful jewelery on the front porch of #2 shop.

Lori with Ellen, who is one of Lori's biggest fan. She loves the funky style of the button jewelry.
Ian once again played his banjo and guitar on the porch to the delight of all the customers. There was some real stomping going on.

Thanks to all who came to the Front Porch Festival and supported all the small shops. We truly appreciate each and everyone of you. Next big event will be the Christmas open house November 13th from 6pm - ? We will also be having our Christmas Tea outside #2 shop on November 14th. If you would like to make reservations please call Carol 623-847-3232 or 623-847-5262. It will be at 1pm and cost is $12.50. Of course it would be fun to wear your favorite hat !!!!!!

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